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SPEC Imaging

SPEC Imaging is a leading developer, manufacturer, and supplier of advanced MRI systems whose mission is to deliver high-quality and feature-rich products, making MRI imaging more accessible and affordable around the world. SPEC offers solutions in three core business areas: Veterinary MRI, Pre-clinical MRI, and Advanced Industrial MRI & NMR Solutions.

North America / Toronto

SPEC Imaging North America is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, and has in-house sales, customer care, and technical support teams covering Canada and the United States. Clinical application engineers offer comprehensive, on-site MRI and NMR training and in-service. Our dedicated in-house service team is always ready to respond and ensure the uptime of your products. SPEC Imaging is fully committed to enhancing your imaging needs while protecting your investment.

Asia / Beijing

SPEC Technology Ltd. headquarters located in Beijing China. SPEC also operates an R&D laboratory, a product assembly facility, a magnet manufacturing facility, and electronics manufacturing facility in Beijing, Langfang, and Shenzhen respectively. SPEC Technology Ltd, provided service covering Asia and Australia markets.


SPEC Veterinary Dedicated MRI products have been specially designed to address the specific needs of veterinary doctors. Thanks to Animal Conscious Technology™ (ACT™), SPEC MRI enables easy patient handling and monitoring while delivering exceptional image quality. We also offer affordable and flexible ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ & Zero Down Payment financing option.


SPEC provides small animal pre-clinical MRI solutions for medical and molecular MR imaging research. Our high-field permanent magnets and advanced software package deliver premium image quality which fulfills your research needs.

Advanced Industrial

SPEC industrial products have been widely used in agricultural, food processing, crude oil, and chemical applications. Our portable NMR platform offers unparalleled quantitative analysis features.

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